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Award winning multi-channel footwear retailer Schuh use Duplex Thermal Printers as a Ship from Store solution across their estate of over 130 stores in addition to their 2 DC’s.

The simplicity of using the DB-EA4d Duplex thermal solution and its small footprint on a pack bench make it the perfect print and label solution for Ship from Store. And there’s zero waste by using the backer of the shipping label as a despatch/return note! What’s not to love.

Rob Bridle, Schuh’s Logistic Director comments “The business case for upgrading to duplex thermal printers made perfect sense for us. We were able to significantly speed up our order despatch process, demonstrate an outstanding return on investment and deliver some fantastic savings for the business.”

The end result of the Duplex Thermal solution makes impressive reading: Much faster label and despatch note printing, reduced environmental impact, less downtime to change consumables and operational cost savings in the region of £800,000 over a five year period.

Read our case study here WEB_6101 – Schuh Case Study