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DuplexThermalPrinters.com, working with the expertise of MNP Retail, who have been providing enterprise software for omni-channel retailers, direct marketers and third party logistics/order fulfillment service providers for the last 15 years, have enabled one of the UK’s leading online brands for pet products and feeds to convert to the Duplex Thermal Print application and integrate with Metapack.

Julian and his team have been supplying integrated invoice and despatch paper to MNP clients for many years and have kept an eye on the latest innovation in this area. Julian explains why and how this evolution in printing will positively affect brands with direct to consumer channels.

Julian explains: “Time and cost saving benefits are driven through implementing Duplex Thermal Printers which translates into savings. No ink usage, cartridges etc. – a good thing, which is simple, zero waste and more efficient.

Northern Pets, one of the UK’s leading online brands for pet products and feeds, recently implemented the solution. Mike Taylor explains that “the simplicity of the end-to-end solution helps us keep things streamlined. No need for back up toners or cartridges, we are able to easily modify the content of the layouts and the printer simply executes what is presented. We will not be going back to the old way!