How it Works

Duplex Thermal Print technology uses two thermal print heads, allowing you to print both sides of a two sided direct thermal material simultaneously at speeds of up to 6 inches per second.

This offers significant time and cost saving benefits to your business operation as other documents such as Despatch / Return Notes and Invoices are printed at the same time as the outbound Carrier / Shipping Labels.

What’s more, no laser printers, A4 paper, expensive laser toners or consumables are required along with the distribution and purchasing of the items.

Print your Carrier or Shipping information on the label face and include Customer Returns Labels if required.

Print order / returns information on the backer material at the same time. See our range of label options.

This significantly reduces waste as the label backer is no longer thrown away and improves the environmental impact of your operation.

Simply remove the label from the backer, apply to the box and insert the printed label backer inside.

Alternative duplex thermal solutions also available for gift and fast ship operations.

One consumable, one printer, one pass. SIMPLE, FAST AND COST-EFFECTIVE.